Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bicycle LA - cash

Haven't blogged, too busy playing, but must record a beautiful hot streak last night.

Arrived Bicycle LA last night around 9, and played O8 for 45 minutes while I ate dinner, then switched to the 40 max buy in 1/2 NLHE, and had an amazing run of cards, and walked away with almost five buy ins as follows.

Limp 35s (fonzie cards) with five other people and I flop an outside straight draw, which I bet to goose the pot, three people come along. I hit my straight on the turn, and one player comes along for twice that bet. I hit a straight flush on the river, but the last player won't come along for 20 more, and I don't show. I'm getting so jaded about small straight flushes these days.

Limp 77 and call a 5BB raise from the big stack at the table, and we're heads up. I flop my set (making up for the hundreds of sets I didn't catch over the last week.) and he bets into me, and I meekly call. On the turn, I'm first to act, and he's already pushing all of his chips into the middle. Thanks to the 3-5 hand, I've got him covered. He doesn't show what he raised with.

I raise 3BB from the BB into six limpers with AQs, and get four callers and flop a flush draw, and I give a free card. Nobody bets. Turn doesn't help me, and the guy on my right bets 1/4 pot, which I and one other player call. The river is an Ace, and so I call the bet of the guy on my right, and a pair of aces beats his K9 which had paired the king on the turn.

There were a few other hands, but these were the big money winners. It was a great feeling to have such a nice rush in a short time after having such a bad financial run in Vegas and Scottsdale.