Saturday, May 06, 2006

N'erk Tourney May 5

Played the 50$ Nerk tonight, and made the final table, but no cash. Notable stuff:

1) Made a really bad BB call with 34s against a player I didn't take seriously. Blinds are 5/10, he raises to 20, and I call for 10 more (my stack is just under 100). I flop a pair and bet it, he calls, we both check the turn, and I hit two pair on the river and bet most of my remaining stack. He calls with the trips he flopped, and I'm very short stacked.

2) In another all-in battle in which my AQs narrowly beats KJo (xxxKA), I realize after the next hand has started that my stack is 10 light from what it should be. I state this to the table, and am told I'm too late. I'll have to watch this crowd like a hawk when my chips are in play, especially all-in situations.

3) Final hand for me I'm in BB w/210 chips including the blind, blinds are 15/30 and 3 players limp, I've got T8o. Flop is 892 rainbow, and we check it round, turn T and I've got two pair. I bet 60, get reraised to 120, and I push. He calls and turns over AT. Of course he hits his three-outer to knock me out.

Other than the hand mentioned above, which almost killed me (I quadrupled up in the SB one hand later to survive), I think I played very well. I didn't get cute with players who don't bluff, and I bet when I was ahead, got out when I wasn't getting the odds I needed to make a call. As a group, it's pretty passive play, with a handful of agressors.