Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Brief Vegas Report

Rio - When it's not hosting the WSOP, their poster room is 'okay', but not worth a special trip.

Gold Coast Tourney - Oddball structure - Limit for the first 3 20 minute levels, and then it goes no limit. I got knocked out during the NL portion when my QQ ran into another player's KK. I had played with the guy, an older guy, for an hour plus, so I should have been capable of knowing I was beat on the flop when he pushed, so that was a donk play on my part.

NOBODY handy has O8 :-(

Bellagio - Cheapest limit is 4-8, I played for an hour or two and was four big bets behinds. That's the price I paid for getting to ogle Doyle Brunson, Jennifer Harman and Barry Greenstein in the glass room. I had a perfect view. It was neat.

Ballys - I sat down to NL, and got two monsters in my first two hands, so I got to double up quickly.

I also ran a couple of good bluffs, one limit, one NL as follows:

Limit Bellagio
Four players see the flop, and I'm last to act on a one-suit flop. I bet into the flop with nothing of the suit and only get one caller. He checks non-suited turn, and so do I. He checks the non-suited river, and I bet it, and he agonizes for about 20 seconds, complains out loud, and folds his hand, which he says was a queen high busted draw. I had a ten-high busted draw.

Ballys' No Limit
I'm just off my hot streak of cards, and I limp Ax suited, and flop a four flush, which I pot-sized bet into a field of four as last to act. I get two callers. The turn has no flush, and they both check to me, and I make a double sized bet compared to the prior bet, and they both fold to my ace high.