Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A stupid way to play KK

I'm on the button with 1490 in chips, second hand of a 9 player on-line SNG w/KK, there are two limpers.

I raise to 6BB, and the first limper calls, all others fold, there is about 250 in the pot.

Flop 236 rainbow, and I bet the pot, and get a call.

Turn is a 5, and I go all-in. He insta-calls and turns over A5s for the unlikely, against pot-odds inside-straight draw that fills.

In retrospect, once he called my pot-sized flop bet, I could have reasonably limited his range of hands as follows:

1) High pocket pair (AA, QQ, JJ)
2) Trips
3) Unlikely straight draw
4) A total donk bluff

In most of the reasonable instances, I'm behind. I should have slowed down a lot after that initial call. It's tough to lay down KK, but there are times....