Saturday, May 13, 2006

$0.75 richer

Last night after the kids went to bet I played a $1.10 LO8 tourney on tards. I placed 38th out of 531 and got $1.85 for my efforts. Whoo hoo!

I have been doing very well at the $5.50 single table tourneys lately, so I think I will concentrate my efforts there. It seems like I should actually try to make some money out of the deal rather than winning some, wasting it on the 180s, and repeating the process.

Here's my new game plan.

Current Balance: $115.

1) Stick with the $5.50 tables till I get to $200.
2) When I pass 200, play the $11 tables till I'm either back down to 150, or up to 400.
3) Evey time I get past 500, do a little cashout rather than squander it.
4) Accumulate frequent player points, and use those to chase the pipe dream of playing in a major event.

Seems like a reasonable plan, if I stick to it.