Sunday, May 21, 2006

Critiquing Somebody Else's (NYCNative) PLO8 Play - Part 1

Here's my critique of a buddy's PLO8 tourney that he won.

FNJ - Hand 1 - A very playable starter, nut low draw with counterfeit countermeasure. Hero calls 3 BB in SB, four players see the flop
Dealt to NYCNative [2s 6d Kd Ad]
*** FLOP *** [2d 9d Tc]
FNJ - Not a perfect flop, but tenable.
NYCNative: checks
RTBaLLa: bets 120
pokersnail: folds
barkley05: folds
NYCNative: calls 120
FNJ - You've called w/3 to 1 odds for the scooop draw with 8 outs of 45. Not ridiculous, I guess
*** TURN *** [2d 9d Tc] [8c]
NYCNative: checks
RTBaLLa: bets 500
NYCNative: calls 500
FNJ - I think this call on the other hand, was questionable. Your low draw is weak here, and your opponent presumably has you beat right now.
*** RIVER *** [2d 9d Tc 8c] [4d]
NYCNative: bets 820 and is all-in
RTBaLLa: folds
RTBaLLa said, "had the nuts the whole way until that diamond..... gotta
NYCNative collected 1500 from pot
FNJ - One of 8 nice cards, and apparently, your opponent had a weak or non-existent low. Now you're the chip leader. Yay.

FNJ Hand 2 - a reasonable fold. However, as chip leader you could also have called cheaply, and if an Ace hit, attempted to buy the pot betting into the unlikely nut low. Of course, there were five folds in front of you, so the pot was negligible.
Dealt to NYCNative [3c 7s Qh 2h]

FNJ Hand 3 - A reasonable limp, you flop top pair and check it down to lose to two pair. sensible.
Dealt to NYCNative [As 8s 9c 5d]

FNJ Hand 4 - Same concept as hand 2. You miss the flop, check it down, and toss it on the river with no part of the trips on the board. Sensible.
Dealt to NYCNative [7h 3d 8s 2d]

FNJ - Hand 5 - I don't like this starter that you limped with from fourth position. You are at a high risk for a second best flush, and a weak low, either of which can only cost you chips. I prefer tossing.
Dealt to NYCNative [Jd Kd 7d As]

FNJ - This is where this hand gets into trouble. Attempt to buy this pot four-way with a weak low and an inside straight draw was insane. Good fold on the reraise.

*** FLOP *** [4h 3h 6s]
MightyBug: checks
upcountryboy: checks
NYCNative: bets 60
RTBaLLa: calls 60
MightyBug: raises 80 to 140
upcountryboy: folds
NYCNative: folds
RTBaLLa: calls 80

FNJ - Hand 6 - Reasonable fold as third to act at a full table. Playable short-handed.
Dealt to NYCNative [8s 3h 5s Td]

FNJ - Hand 7 - I'm not crazy about this limp. If you flop trip sevens, you're still probably behind by the river if not sooner. Your flush draw and low draws are also likely money losers.
Dealt to NYCNative [2d 7d 5s 7c]
NYCNative: calls 20
** FLOP *** [Js 8c 2s]
And you fold to a pot-sized bet. Good fold.

FNJ - Hand 8, you are still chip leader. This is a reasonable limp, but there are arguments for folding it as well, as your low is very weak with no third low draw, and you are blocking your own flush draw. You check it down with five in the pot, which is logical since you didn't hit.
Dealt to NYCNative [Qs 9h 6d Ah]

FNJ - Hand 9 - Good Fold
Dealt to NYCNative [2c Kc 5h 9c]

FNJ - Hand 10 - a reasonable SB limp @15/30 blinds, hoping for a miracle flop with two limpers already in the pot. You flop the miracle and take the pot with no resistance.
Dealt to NYCNative [Kc Qs 4d 3s]
*** FLOP *** [3c 3d Kh]

I'll continue with hand 11, your first luckbox hand, in another posting. Going to bed now.