Monday, May 15, 2006


As soon as I said 'no more 180s', I go and play a couple of the 4$ jobs. The first one I'm knocked out in 30 minutes, with top pair versus second pair on the flop, and opponent catches two pair on river to knock me out.

Then I start another at 10:30 pm, and I just lost the heads-up moments ago. The stack rations were

Villain: 160K
Hero: 100K

And the total blinds and antes were at 5K, so I had about 20M to play with. I find KK in the BB and when villain limps, I raise 3K(BB) to 12K, and villain pushes. I have no choice but to call, and he turns over AJo. Flop is A22.

But I played a pretty good game over-all, and didn't require many suckouts to make it that far. The trick was to get a healthy stack in the first couple rounds, and then be patient.

I now have over 200 in my account, so I will graduate to the 10$ STTs, and stay there till I'm back below 150, or till I'm past 400.