Sunday, May 21, 2006

A healthy exchange of ideas

The guy being critiqued responded, and I respond:

Item 1:

- Attempt to buy this pot four-way with a weak low and an inside straight draw was insane.

NYC NATIVE - That wasn't my intent. I wouldn't make a small bet to buy the pot. I had the chip lead and the flop might not have helped anyone so I made a feeler bet. Sometimes I take it down there, sometimes I get called and get a "free" turn and reevaluate. If I get resistance, I am beat and I fold.

Maybe this is better done with one opponent rather than two...

FNJ - Your logic makes sense in hold'em. It very easy for four players to miss a flop in hold'em. In Omaha, especially hi/lo, at least one player of the four will have something worth keeping you honest with.

Item 2

FNJ - You now have a very healthy chip stack. You should tighten up for a while at this blind level, and let the shorties duke it out unless you've got premium starters.

- And what exactly is wrong with bullying the table a little bit?

FNJ - Again, your logic makes more sense in hold'em. Even with premium holdings, you're rarely better than a 60% fave against any kind of hand. To bully with hands where you probably won't be a favorite is especially risky, since somebody with A2xx will materialize, and then you're crossing your fingers to get HALF the pot without a particularly strong high draw.

Item 3:

NYCNative - I just wanted to defend my blinds with the kind of hand that could flop a monster *and* get paid off. I was holding 2h 5h 5d 6d. If an Ace flops, I could be in line for the low. If I flop a set, I can break stubborn Aces. If I hit the straight, that's good too. Plus as the chip leader, I can mix it up a little bit.

FNJ - If you hold 23 and an ace flops, you're golden. but if you hold 25 and an ace flops, it's just as likely the raiser is holding A23, A24, or even A34, so there's still a lot of ways to be second best low even with your coveted ace. And even is you flop trips, they are weak trips which could easily be bested. Good PLO8 players understand that pocket aces are much more powerful pre-flop than post-flop, and are more willing to toss them than hold'em players.

Yes, you can mix it up as the chip leader, but you can also wait for better starters, and surrender an occasional BB at this level, rather than doubling somebody up by getting sucked into playing a poor hand.