Saturday, May 20, 2006


I was in Nashville for 3 days. Pretty place, nice strolls around town, no poker except in the hotel. I'm doing okay at the 11$ STTs, but no spectacular. I'm starting to see more clearly where is the fine line between tilty/tired play, and reasonable play for an STT.

I went to the Armory last night and bled for two hours at 3/6 limit. I occasionally caught small pokets and small suited connectors, but missed every damn flop all night long. The single hand I collected on was pocket 9s, where I raised preflop, chasing away nobody, then the board helped nobody, so my 9s held.

Playing the LO8 tourney tonight. I hope I haven't put too much pressure on my own self, since I've got a swelled head when it comes to O8. I'm in Vegas Monday night.