Friday, February 17, 2006


Had some evenings to kill in Connecticut.

Stud: 1-3 spread. Lost some money on Aces & 6s to a boat. Won some money on a nice draw that hit. Played tight and didn't bleed too badly otherwise. Slight loss.

2-4 Limit Session 1: Weak/loose table where I wasn't catching cards. Played tight and bled, lost patience, went home. Slight loss.

NL 1-2 Session 1: All-in on my third hand and lose to a set. I go back to limit. big loss.

2-4 Limit Session 2: Weak/loose table where I was catching cards. I can think of two mistakes that involved my not calling on the river when the pot was big enough to justify calling with a weak pair, but otherwise I was pretty happy with my playing overall. I still need to bet better at counting up the pot and doing the DIPO calculations - I'm still playing on very squirrely math. Big win.

NL Session 2: This time I play little less rashly, win one decent pot from a smaller stack all -in when I had a PP better than the board, push all-in on another hand with top pair, queen kicker, only to have my caller have the exact same hand, and otherwise I limp a lot, catch little, and frequently fold my limp to a raise. There were a surprising number of unraised pots, however. Slight loss.