Saturday, February 25, 2006

N'erk Tourney

Live game with weird structure (50 in chips, 30 minute blinds, 1-2,2-4,3-6,4-8,5-10, 10-20). I was in trouble from the very first hand.

AKo - raise to 10, 2 callers.

Miss the flop and check, another player goes all in on the turn and I fold. He turns over J-9o to knock out another player. This caller was the table bully for my first hour, playing any two cards and winning. After that, almost any hand I was involved in was an all-in situation on my part. Here's a few.

#1 Me w/KJo, smaller all-in w/TJo, table bully w/35o. I pair to survive.
#2 Me w/A7o v AKo, I make a straight to survive.
#3 Me w/K9s v Ax and Jx. I catch a pair of kings to survive.
#4 Me w/A2o v AA. I fail to survive.

I bubbled #10 out of 40.