Thursday, February 23, 2006

$ Watch and almost a victory lap

Boosted back up to $295.38 after dipping down as low as 205.

Better still, I just took 2nd in the social group tourney. In the heads up, I pressed too hard at the wrong moments and then I was low stacked and couldn't wait. Plus my competitor was no cupcake.

I knocked out a bunch of my colleagues in the 27 player event, and I was getting crazy good cards to do it with. I saw KK at least four times, and AA at least 3, to say nothing of a few QQ and JJ hands. Barely saw big slick at all. I also took advantage of my credibility with a few well timed bluffs, picking my spots carefully and never sticking my neck out too far.

I'm tempted to blog the thing, but it would take hours, and give away my plays too much to my opponents. This wouldn't be a problem, but I tend to tailor my plays to specific opponents, so I'd have to rewrite the book if I confessed.