Sunday, February 05, 2006

A Stupid Play with Big Slick

I'm in a 9 player low stakes SNG, down to four players. I've been able to classify one as overly agressive, one as very straightforward, and the last one had been so inactive that I couldn't get a read on them. Blinds are at 50/100 and my stack is about 2700, so I'm not in awful shape if I can be patient.

I get AKo utg, and limp it for 100, expecting the agressive player to reraise me, and he doesn't disappoint, making it 300.

The cipher folds, and the predictable one raises to 900.

At this point, it would have been very sensible to forget about the agressive one, flat call this monster raise and let the flop make the remaining decision for me. Instead, I push all in, and I get a call from the predictable player who has a few more chips than me and has QQ.

I miss the coin toss.

If I had played it smartly, I would have licked my wounds at the flop and still been in contention for at least third prize rather than going out on the bubble.