Saturday, February 18, 2006

Hi/Lo Stud

For funzies, I signed up for a 1$ stud hi/lo tourney on 'tards. Not having played it before, I think I did pretty well. In a field of 624, I was #30 out of 121, when I decided to stop playing. Sure, I could play for 3 more hours for the chance to win 100$, but that's not a good ROI. I joined the tourney just to get a feel for the game.

Requirements to do well:
1) Understand starting requirements and adhere to them.
2) Choose appropriate bluffing opportunities.
3) Push good starters, push good hands.
4) Recognize when you're beat.
5) Avoid getting into a traffic jam for half the pot, especially with anything less than a lock-ish hand.

I'll check back later today to see what my final place was before I got anted to death. (57th out of 624, for a payout of $1.56, or a net profit of 46 cents. Whoo-hoo