Friday, January 27, 2006

DIPO Exercise 1

Just reading the King Yao book. Tough to do the math on the fly, so I'll slow it down here. I folded without the math.

Dealer: ericfrance posts small blind $0.10
Dealer: Mojasmom posts big blind $0.25
Dealer: Dealing Hole Cards
Dealer: SooperGloo raises $0.25 to $0.50
Dealer: Barney847 folds
Dealer: bluesartist calls $0.50
Dealer: WHO'S J.C. folds
Dealer: Gotcha83 folds
Dealer: Luk-75 folds
Dealer: Solyscope folds
Dealer: FrankNagaiJr calls $0.50
Dealer: ericfrance calls $0.40
Dealer: Mojasmom calls $0.25
Dealer: Dealing Flop: [7s 8s 6c]
FNJ - There are now 5 big bets in the pot. Do I have pot odds?
Presuming 6 outs and one small bet, and that I'm not drawing against a straight
Good Number =6 * 10 = 60
Bad Number = 47-6= 43
I MAY have outs.

Dealer: ericfrance checks
Dealer: Mojasmom checks
Dealer: SooperGloo bets $0.25
Dealer: bluesartist raises $0.25 to $0.50

FNJ - Adjust my outs to 3 on the possibility that there may be a straight or trips, adjust the bad number since I now have to call two bets.

Good number = 3 * 13= 39
Bad Number = 2* 43 = 86
This is is a clear fold

Dealer: FrankNagaiJr folds

PS: Pokertards balance watch: $80.41. I won a 9 player 5 buck sng, and did well at the .25/50 table also.