Sunday, January 08, 2006

PS #17272491

Sunday 2PM EST. Look for me.

2nd stage - 1960 in chips 41 out of 129 avg 1790 chips
end of 2nd stage - 1705 in chips, 59 out of 104, avg 2221
I have seen the flop 8 out of 72 times, and made one steal, one semi-bluff, and one big laydown to an all-in with a pair of aces on the flop and king kicker
Start of 4th stage - 3035 in chips, 30 out of 75, avg 3080
I doubled up with AA
End of 4th Stage - 7570 in chips, 11 out of 52, avg 4442
I failed to hit a couple pot odds problems, and doubled up w/T7os from the big blind with five limpers when I hit the flop.
early 5th stage (100/200) 5054 in chips, 18 out of 29, avg 7965

3rd break, entering 7th stage (100/200 & 25)14,108 in chips, 8 out of 16, avg stack 14437

7th stage eliminate as #15 out of 154.

I had a decent atack (15K) and I limped AJos utg and there was a 1BB raise, and one other caller. I call.
Flop JJK
I bet the same bet I got reraised on the prior two hands I'd played at that table and get one calle.
Turn Q
I bet again, get called again.
River Blank
I bet again, and get an all-in reraise from a tight-ish player. I should have smelled a rat, but didn't and called to see KK, his boat beating my trips.

Dumbass. If I had folded at the all-in, I still had 15M or more, and was still in the hunt.

Two hands later, with 5M, I go all-in w/QJs, and lose to A5os.