Saturday, January 21, 2006

Smoke Free

The local game at the bingo parlor went smoke free Jan 1, which made for much more pleasant playing. I lasted down to 10 players and busted out w/KK v AQs. I was the 67.68% fave to win, so I felt pretty good about having all my chips in the pot until the flop gave AQ the nut flush, then I was less than 3% to win. I failed to suck out at that point.

I was involved in very few hands that game, and doing okay. Let's see:

* First hand AQos - I make a bump raise, and buy the pot on a nothing flop
* Third stage: AJos - I Limp with two others, the flop is J94 rainbow. I somehow manage to get all my chips in the middle by the river, at which point the board is J9447 or something, and my opponent can't beat two pair.
* Fourth Stage - I raise a clownfish with 77, and a smaller player goes in for 2 more chips. I make the obligatory call, and suck out on QQ by hitting my seven. (This player was on a bad streak, having been sucked out on as the favorite tw
ice in the last five hands.)
* Fourth stage - I'm at 7M and make a UTG all-in w/ATos and get no callers
* Fourth stage - exactly one hand later I get the KK, and go all-in to imitate maniac clownfish behavior. I get my desired caller, but not the desired result.