Sunday, January 08, 2006

(a pair, flush draw, inside straigh draw) vs AA

UTG limps in, I'm in the BB w/ Td 7d

7h 8d Jd

I now have a pair, a flush draw and an inside straight draw, so I bet the pot, and the limper comes over the top. I figure I'm ahead, so I go all-in. He flips over AA.

But look at all the outs!

I was the 53.13% fave when I went all-in. My other option was calling his reraise, but I felt that if I hit, I'd get no action, and if I failed to hit, I'd have to pay even more to see the river.

The turn didn't help, so I was now the 36.36% underdog. River didn't help either.

BTW - The guy who knocked me out of the Monte Carlo roll made it to 3rd place. I definitely learned a big lesson at that game. It was the final two tables and I had watched this guy play tight for at least 40 hands, and I had bet the flop and river with trips and he wasn't going away. I should have taken that as a sign of something. I only hope I'll remember this at the next big tourney.