Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Ho hum - another straight flush

Last night I was playing limit, and limped 6c7c. Well, actually, I limped, I was raised, and I three bet to see where my opponent was at. The opponent didn't cap.
I catch four to a flush on the flop, and an outside straight flush draw. The turn comes with the King of clubs, so I may possibly be behind a stronger flush draw. The river hits my nine of clubs for the straight flush, and once I figure out that I'm ahead of the Ace of clubs, I reraise on the river.

At least one person at the table questioned my three bet with 67 suited. It may not have been correct, but I think I was loosely following the recommendations in 'Small Stakes Hold 'em' by the two plus two guys. Sometimes its good to goose the pot preflop, so that if you hit, they won't want to get away when they miss the flop.

That's three straight flushes in one week. I also won a frequent player points free roll (one of ten winners) and now am entered in a free roll for entry to a European event. I'll probably be daydreaming too much about the prize to play my best, but I'll try anyhow.