Sunday, January 01, 2006

KK v AK v AQ

In a 180 player tourney, the following hand happened when we were down to 80 players.

Nine player table
Me: Kc Ks, second to act.
Blinds are 59/100, and I'm down to 2000 in chips after just losing a big pot.

I limp as second to act to open, P3, P4 fold
P5 raise to 400
P6 calls 400
Folds around to me, I reraise to all-in and I get two callers. Everybody is all in and we see:

Me: Kc Kx
P5: Ad Kh
P6: As Qd

I'm the 73 percent favorite, AK is 16.7, AQ is 10.3
Flop :T62 Rainbod
I'm the 87.2 fave, 10.5 for AK, 2.3 for AQ
Turn: Blank
I'm now the 95.2 fave

Of course, you know what hits on the river!