Tuesday, January 24, 2006

on-line war, part 2

starting balance: $52.46

I briefly consider playing a huge $3.30 tourney, and then decide against. Back to the 45 player $1.20 tourneys.

First Game - 8th out of 45 (bubble boy)

Cash Game .10/.20 Limit - Start with 5$ play
40 minutes of play and I'm down a dime.
Up $1.55 at 45 minutes of play - then play a dime turbo tourney

I finish in 2671st out of 2895 place when AA beats my top pair on the fourth hand. I could have folded but, it was only a dime.

I'm a donk at these cheapo thousand player plus tourneys. Oh well.

Closing balance $52.71 and I'm off to bed early.