Saturday, June 11, 2005

31 Player Tourney - June 10

On the positive side, I wasn't in the first five out. There were probably about 16 players still at the tables when my short-stacked 66 didn't hold to AQ (flopped x-A-j, and just for an extra kick in the nuts, the queen paired on the turn, and my six failed to show).

Ever have one of those nights where even the hands you fold don't even mesh with the board? I caught two boards during the first blind for tiny money, and then I couldn't catch a board to save my life. Bummer dude. I guess I got two hours of decent play in for the price of admission, so that's cool.

Well, that's my poker for the month, I'm afraid. Got some travel comin' up. There's a casino there in theory, but I'll be in a badass town, so even if I win, I'd still end up getting my ass kicked 100 yards down the street.

Got some copags and a dealer button from Nevada Jack at a good price. Lookin' forward to some home game action with those cards!