Saturday, June 25, 2005

Vacation Recommendation for Social Group

If any member of the social group makes it to Eastern Europe this summer, I strongly recommend making it to the tables I played at around 4 AM, after you've had a solid nap. You'll find lots of high rollers with cloudy judgement who have been at the table since possibly 8 PM the night before. Drop me a line for the casino name, and if I know you, I'll share the wealth.

If you can keep your head together (see prior post), you may be able to bring home a decent stack. Make sure you start out slow and size everybody up, because there are a few rocks who do this for a living, or a nice supplemental income, and if you tangle with them (see prior post), you may end up in the red for the session.

According to my analyst, I came out ahead $250 for all my sessions there. (If not for the clouded judgement of the prior post, it would have been $550.) I'm not an especially skilled player, either! The buy in is $250 by the way. I blew most of my winnings on duty free.

i'LL See a bunch of you tonight!