Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Budapest Casino Info

I stopped in a casino yesterday while fighting jet lag, and asked a few questions, just like I did at Niagara Falls.

The place I visited had NLHE as follows:

Blinds: 2000/4000 HUF (about 10/20 USD at this time)
Rake: 2%
Min Buy in: 50,000 HUF (about 250, which would allow you to sit through 8 blinds if you didn't wager prior to that time)

I did the math on the house cut, and I can promise you that these guys have an extra money-making angle. It might be hookers and pimps, it might be house players at the table, it might be expensive drinks, but they are NOT making enough to justify the table without a little extra twist in there. I wouldn't play here, and don't recommend that you do either, even if you're that good.