Wednesday, June 22, 2005

P*ssing Contests at the Gaming Table, Budapest

Last night I couldn't resist (I hate killing time in hotel rooms) so I went back to the casino. There was a waiting list (only one table there, open for two months now) so I enjoyed the free food and watched the action.

3 of the 4 sharks were back, and 4 clear fish. One fish in particular seemed to hold a grudge against one young man who had put him on tilt. The old fish kept bluffing astronomical sums in the pot limit game to scare the kid, who kept calling him. Hand after hand, the old man kept losing hundreds of dollars at a throw. It was almost painful to watch, but very informative.

I assume the money meant nothing to the tilting fool. Not my problem.

If you're a big tilter, don't play pot limit cash games!