Saturday, June 04, 2005

Preacher's 6/3/05 - Victory is Mine

Too tired to write it up but will try. Got in some chainsaw therapy immediately followed by the drive to Preachers, munching Wendy's for the trip.

First game was an early outer. I was low stacked and chose to go all in on a pair of Jacks. I was up against Big Slick Off Suitand 6/7 suited. Bill came up with a straight flush 7 high hearts, so I guess if I had to lose to a hand, let it be a straight flush. Bill eventually won.

Second game I was low-stack among five remaining players, and I was able to double up with an all-in on Big Slick. For still being low-ish, I was able to bully an awful lot of pots, however trivial they were. I chose my all-in moments correctly, although I know I sucked out or rivered at least twice if not more in my all-in battles. Final hand of the evening, I was offered an all-in, and looked at my hand 6-6 and accepted. The all-in I was facing? 6-2 os. What are the odds of a suck-out there?

Good fun. I'm so tired. Good night.