Monday, June 06, 2005 is cool

In addition to WSOP update stuff, there's two neat features:

1) Poker Analyst will track how much money you've lost on poker in your whole life.
2) The poker odds calculator is pretty cool.

Remember the hand I mentioned this past Friday at Preacher's? Here is the calculated odds, and I was indeed the favorite going in before I got sucked out by a straight flush:

JJ= 42%
AK os = 34.4%
67h = 23.7%

Other handy odds to know:

QQ v KK 81.2% for bigger pair
AKsuited v JJ = 54.2% for Jacks
AK os v JJ = 56.5% for Jacks
45 suited v AA = 78.4% for Aces
109 suited v AA=77.2% for Aces
QJ suited v AA =80.3 for Aces
KQ suited v AA = 82.3 for Aces (two aces less to complete the straight)
And so on and so fourth. Compare up to five hands all the way up to the turn.