Monday, June 20, 2005

Budapest Hold'em Update

I found a different casino, with 2.50/5 dollar blinds, pot limit. I stopped in to check it out, and the friendly folks there talked me into sitting down and giving it a try.

For an initial investment of 250 US (50,000 HUF), I managed to leave with 400 US (79,990) HUF. It would have been more, but I threw a few thousand extra in toward the end to not generate ill will with the regulars.

Nice people. They could best be described as loose-weak. They asked me to come back, and I just may find the time. Their attitude seems to be that they just want to win pots, and don't really keep score about their money position. (Paging Mike Caro???). Well, if that makes 'em feel like high rollers, bless their hearts.

I was friendly and chatty with all of them, and kept things lively. Took down a big pot early when I got the nut flush on the turn and let the one agressive player do the raising. Took down a bunch of small pots after that, and only saw one river that I didn't win, I believe.

I owe this to my social group, I firmly believe, for the practice I've gotten there. Just about any of the decent players in my group could have done the same with the cards I was dealt, and maybe even pumped up the winning pots better.

Back to work....