Friday, June 03, 2005

HomeOwner #2 - The Buckeye Chainsaw Massacre

Even though the Smarmy Salesman at Sears tried to talk me out of it, I wound up with an electric chainsaw, with three horsies. (And I didn't buy it at Sears, even though I generally trust sears, but didn't want to give this condescending jerk a commission. I'm a first time homeowner with questions, but I'm not a 10 year old child, okay?) It's light enough for easy pruning, but I've actually taken out a monster tree this morning. Quite therapeutic, really.

Sorry tree - you seemed to be responsible for the ant infestation, and the lack of sunlight on the west side of the house. When I took you down, your insides were half rotted out, which really gives some weight to the whole ant theory.

Speaking of therapy, my allergies and asthma seem to be 80% better since the hernia repair. I'll drop a note to my immunologist to see if there could be a connection, or if it's psychosomatic.