Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Sharks on the Danube River

So I go back to the place that was weak loose, and I see one familiar face, and four locals. I watch one hand, and it's clear that the unfamiliar players are tight, tight tight.

I hit the free snacks/meals (mediocre but the price is right) and chat up one of the guys who followed me there. Turns out he's one of those internet money makers, and all four of them are regulars here.

I join the table, with the same buy/in as the night before of 250. In the first 15 minutes I catch Big Slick and buy a pot, and then big slick suited, and I win a small pot against a very friendly shark, who is clearly sizing me up but not pushing or feeding me too much. For the first 30 minutes I'm up 50 bucks USD. Then I catch the QQ hand in the prior blog, and I'm just a little below break/even.

I spent the next two hours or so paying rent on my seat in the form of cheap blinds. I could see that this pot limit stuff was just as dangerous as a no/limit cash game, and so I was holding out for Sklansky class 1 hands. I didn't see anything better than class four for two hours, so I didn't even try to limp. I missed one set of trips that would have won a pot, and one set of king trips that would have lost me a fortune if I had chased a boat, so I'm very happy with my play.

I picked the sharks brains, there were two especially talkative ones. More later on that.

Back to work....