Saturday, June 18, 2005

Saturday Update Budapest

Hours Worked
Tuesday -zero. Got to hotel at 5 PM, decent meal and a stroll.
Wed - 10
Thur - 12
Fri - 8 till 8, but I needed about 4 hours to to take care of a family concern that involved a trip to the consulate and then to a DHL office. It is resolved, I think.
Sat - Started at 8 AM. I expect we'll go till 8 PM if I know my boss.
Sun - I'm presuming we'll work no more than 8 hours. Its Sunday after all, right?

Took a nice stroll up the hill through the medieval city on the hill to the ultra-modern mall (Mammoth) by Moskow Square. Wanted to see star wars in Hungarian, but had to settle for Kung Fu Hustle (Shuffle?) with Hungarian subtitles. It was just as enjoyable without understanding a single word.

Been eating lunch at the same place every day, a mom and pop greasyz spoon called Roma. They prettz much treat me like family there, and the food is good and quick. Itás the high point of my day.