Monday, June 13, 2005

8 & 7 Player tourneys - June 12, 2005

Too tired to comment on play. Wasn't involved in any big suck-outs tonight, although I know that a certain young man with headphones wanted to put me on tilt via disrespecting his elders. Nice try, sonny boy.

There was some weird vibe with 8 and 5s tonight. Eventually an 8/5 boat came for DS, among other pivotal hands for the evening.

Second game, three remaining are "J", "DS" and me in that order. For something like 6 small blinds in a row I couldn't even find the cards to call the Big (J), so he kept getting a free ride as the big. On the other side of Spooky, J and DS kept splitting pot after pot after pot.

In the second game I roller-coastered tremendously.

I was a big stack after Medieval P went all in on me. I did the math, couldn't put him on a big pair or even a decent drawing hand, and took the offer. He did not suck out.

After P went out, the maniac on my right kept raising everything. Between not catching any of the escalated pre-flops, and then losing a few key pots, I was back to subsistence farming as the small stack. I think DS offered me an all-in pre-flop (or was it post-flop) where I also decided to take him up on it, and my end held again. All of a sudden, I was the big stack, after having been the shorty.

Then J thought I was full of crap on a J-5-5 rainbow flop when I kept betting into him. I wasn't; he tried to bluff the pot after the river card with an all-in with nothing in particular. He had stated an hour earlier a desire to get done and get to bed. He got second prize and a wish granted.

Good game guys. This was a solid bunch of players!

For the record, DS took the first tourney. I failed to notice who got second. First and bubble is a pretty good evening, eh DS?