Thursday, June 23, 2005

Dude I'm tired and Ready to Go Home

Work sucks, but at least I'm getting on a plane at 7:10 AM and getting out of dodge.

I tried for two consecutive nights to get a seat between 10 PM and midnight at the only table in the joint, and nothing doing. This morning I wake up at 4:30, as I've been told they play until 8 in the morning. Good to catch these guys after they've been playing all through the night, as they tend to make some bad judgements, and stick their necks out when they shouldn't. And I was catching cards like crazy during my two hours at the table.

So far I had seen loose-weak, and then tight-agressive, and this morning might be best described as loose-weak pre-flop, and very agressive post-flop. I gave a little action pre-flop (I was down close to 20,000 huf before I caught a rhythm) in order to get a lot of action post-flop. (Honest to god, I left at 6:55 AM with a little more than double my buy in, or a profit of about 52,700 HUF.)

My best hand? Nobody raises me as BB, and when I look 74os crap. The flop? 10, 7, 4! Oh life is good! Theres 6000 HUF in the pot, so I say 'POT!' and everybody scrams except for this guy who loves to bluff way more than he ought to. He simply calls. Turn blank, and I bet 6000 more. Calls. River blank, and I bet another 6000 for good measure. Folds. Smart move sonny boy. There were several other big pots like this, but I think the two pairs of cheese from BB was my fave, even if the other hands had more drama, it turned the tide on my bleeding, and it felt so good to say 'POT' just like it feels good to say 'ALL IN'.

I walked away from one hand, thinking that there was no way that THREE PLAYERS WERE BLUFFING. They were, and I would have rivered the nut flush with only the Ace in my hand (None of these bums were suited, but all of them bet like they were.) Of course, that was when I was down 20,000 huf, and I would have had to go all in to prove they were all bluffing. I'll divide and conquer, thank you very much.

I feel like I owe some shout outs to the people who helped me get better....

Oh yeah - If you're a tilter, or not good in re-buys, please don't consider playing a pot limit ring casino game. It's designed to keep you re-buying long after you're on full tilt. I saw more than a few players doing exactly this.