Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Frenchie's Kind of Town

Strong recommendation for Frenchie to come check out his ancestral homeland, although he may need to wear a muzzle to keep his jaw from dropping, given the local talent seen almost everywhere.

I literally saw a lovely young thing 'stop traffic' on the way to this internet shop. I was walking up to the cross walk, she was ahead of me, dressed in the usual budapest not-a-supermodel-yet finery and coiffure (sp), and she was certainly worth of attention. She was engaged in conversation with her similarly charming friend, and oblivious to the light, chatting at the curb. They looked up just in time to get the don't walk signal, and the green light for the cars.

I was besides them, waiting for the two cars at the light to go so that I could jay walk. I noticed the forward driver was looking in my direction oblivious to the traffic light until the car behind him honked. In a flash of brilliance, I understood what he had been staring at. Probably Frenchie's third or fourth cousin, if I had to guess by the gene pool.

And this young lady was just one of many, Frenchie!

PS: If you read this in time, be sure to kick some arse in your WSOP event!