Saturday, May 14, 2005

All's fair in love and war (poker post)

In a prior blog, I mentioned folding the nut trips because I knew there was one more Ace in play, and my kicker sucked? The guy who I folded the big pot to was the one who told me that he was sitting on two pair, but he didn't show me.

But was it the lady or the tiger?

Wouldn't it have been in his better long-term interest to lie to me at that moment and tell me he didn't have the nut hand, even if he actually did? I would be more inclined to call him in the future, so he could play tighter against me, right?

I've lived a very sheltered existence, and it wasn't till I was a grown up that I learned you are supposed to twist the dagger or bayonet around a fair bit in order to insure your enemy's agonized death. This is a skill I still need to work on at the poker table. In a friendly game, I have no qualms with showing the nut hand when I know my opponent has just thrown away a large portion of his chips and folded in that state of uncertainty. I still haven't fully learned that rule about WHEN I have to show my cards at the showdown, and when I have the option of mucking them once I've seen my opponents cards.

Of course, I do not consider a 40 person tourney a friendly game, despite conisdering the participants my friends. If I have the opportunity, here's hoping I twist that dagger well tonight.