Tuesday, May 10, 2005

When I am Host/King Part 3

Suggested itinerary for a 6-8 hour afternoon/evening of fun and poker.

Hour 1 (or 1-2)
Socialization, eating a good meal, and a dealer's choice open table. Other non-poker amusement options available.

Hour 2 -5
Bigger stake (comparative to super satellite) tourney begins at a fixed time (with latecomers blinded out). Hopefully two tables with up to 20 players with a medium-sized stake, at least enough prize money to send the top two home with s**t-eating grins.

For this tourney, the host' screwball tourney rules will apply, unless universally shot down in advance by all potential guests.

Question to the reader - Is there a decent blind structure for a 3 hour tourney for 20 that doesn't turn it into a crap shoot too early?

Dealers' choice table, food and other amusements still available for early outs.

Hour 6
Dealer's choice table is closed. Other amusements discouraged.

Super-satellite tourney begins at a fixed time. It does not need to wait for the conclusion of the main event, as the last players standing at this time should presumably be looking good for the prize money, or willing to be blinded out of the first few hands.

The stakes should be $10 for a table of 10, or $12.50 for a table of eight. The prize would not be a cash prize, but rather a seat at the big $100 table at Frenchie's Fox Hunt in August. We would either transfer the money directly to Frenchie, or somehow put the money in trust in anticipation of that tourney.

There could be two simultaneous super-satellites, or one big one with two winners, depending on the circumstances at the time. Stay tuned.

The super-satellite would have a more conventional set of rules, closer to a WSOP NLHE standard. (No booby prize, no indy 500 pace car round). Preacher's game has a blind structure that can finish out 8 players in 2 hours without prematurely becoming a crap shoot, and I will plan to plagiarize that structure.

Guests not playing the super-satellite would be welcome to stay as polite spectators. At the conclusion of the super-satellite, the party would be officially over, and the hosts will turn into pumpkins.