Sunday, May 15, 2005

Your Agony Aunt, Volume 2

Dear Agony Aunt,

This tourney I went to was incredible and I had the time of my life! Even though I RSVP'd and showed up on time, and didn't disrespect the hosts in any way, I still have the nagging feeling that I could have been a better guest for such an incredible host.

Euphoric but Puzzled

Dear Euph,

You were indeed almost a model guest, but there was indeed one way to take the zen of guest-ness to the next level. After enough people had been eliminated, there was critical mass for a tournament, and halting motion to get one started. During this action, additional burdens were placed upon the graceful host, who had plenty to do organizing the main function. In particular, there was a glaring faux pas on the part of the Yahoo Social Group.

Not one member of the social group had extra chips in the trunk of their vehicle.

In that circumstance, the host was gracious enough to run around looking for chips without neglecting the main event, and it was eventually worked out, but only after delay-of-game, and more worryingly distraction-of-host.

Being as awesome a host as {***} requires immaculate preparation. In the future, the social group should consider ways they can decrease {***}'s burden. If you were floored by the tourney, consider bringing one or more unopened bicycle decks as a token of goodwill on your next visit.

Nota Bene: To avoid any ethical or housekeeping dilemmas, the poker chips in your trunk are presumably not easily mistaken with the chips used in the main tourney, and they should not appear in the house until critical mass for the mini-tournament has been found. For example, if you have a cheaper brand of chips (RWBs or RWBBs) or chips with a distinctive seal or symbol, there would be no mistaking these with {***}'s chips.