Tuesday, May 10, 2005

MENSA Sucks, Part 2 (No real poker talk here)

OK, we've established that I didn't get a bang for my buck at the first two MENSA meetings, and if you can't tell, I'm very enthusiastic about my poker social club.

Recently, I had a quantity of free Orchestra tickets to give away for a local performance of classical music in a very nice venue by a professional group. I made an offer to both of the groups above. There were two enthusiastic responses from the poker social club. There was the sound of crickets from the MENSA group.

I also sent a note to the MENSA chapter looking for poker players on my side of town. Crickets again.

Unfair Conclusion Based on Limited Subjective Evidence- My local MENSA chapter is an insular group who like to think they're smart, but have yet to demonstrate to me that as a group they are either smarter, more interesting or more fun than any random sampling of the population at large. The poker group, on the other hand, is a fun bunch of folks with a multitude of interests, and no shortage of smart people in all walks of life.