Friday, May 13, 2005

Linguistics and Language #1 (vaguely poker-related)

In this neck of the woods, I have been confused with Canucks more than once, and I do have some inherited linguistic tells that put me in that area, although a Canuck would never confuse me as one of them.

The point is, I have to drop the word 'Cool' from my vocabulary for two reasons.

1) I'm no longer 12 years old and idol-worshipping Arthur Fonzarelli.
2) Local players, both drunk and sober, recently mistook my saying 'Cool' with my saying 'Call.'

They would have been doing me a favor if they had insisted I stated a call, because I was later told that I folded the nut trips because I was worried about my kicker, when my worthy opponent allegedly only held two pair. What's the opposite of all-in fever?

Something that rhymes with Biggie Smalls or Snow Balls?

Good, Bien, Yoroshii, Okay, Vale, Eche Boa!, Jol!, and Dude! would all be acceptable substitutes, I hope, if I can train myself to use one of them instead.