Sunday, May 08, 2005

Open Letter to my Poker Social Club (Father's Day Tourney)

The letter below will be sent out later today to selected members of my social club. If you are a regular reader of this blog and feel slighted for not receiving it, please drop me a line.

First Round Draft Invitees - See bottom of blog posting

Dearest Social Club,

To cut to the chase - If you've already got plans for Father's day, you may wish to stop reading now. (Verbosity alert)

Purpose: To determine if there is critical mass for the First Annual G***** Father's Day Invitational Tourney. If critical mass is not achieved by June 1st, the tourney will be scratched from the calendar.

1st GFDIT: This will be a home tourney of either one or two tables, with stakes and start times to be determined once critical mass has been achieved. You may have seen the posting on the RP Yahoo Group, and I attach a copy of that posting at the bottom of this letter.

See my blog for lengthy treatises on how I plan to make a tourney fun, and some screwball 'local color' rules and regulations

If you have read this far, you are ready to take the poll. Note that any responses do not constitute an RSVP, but merely the expression of interest and the wish to remain on this mailing list.

First Annual GFDIT Survey - Please respond at the top of this e-mail with a list of numbers that apply to you.

  1. I have other plans for Father's Day Weekend. Remove me from future mailings (1)
  2. I am interested (but not yet committed) in this tourney, and wish to be part of the stakes/start time discussion (2)
  3. I have a specific budget threshhold after which I choose not to play in a given tourney (if so, what?) (3)
  4. If the prize money is less than a certain amount, I choose not to play in a given tourney (if so, what?) (4)
  5. Side cash games are an extra enticement (5)
  6. I have specific start/stop time parameters because I have Father's Day plans (if so, describe) (6)
  7. If I come, I would bring one or more poker-playing guests (7)
  8. If there were some way to incorporate my family into the festivities, I would be more inclined to come (8)
  9. My typical father's day gift is some time away from my beloved family (9)
  10. Where the hell is (**** village name omitted in blog ****) , anyhow? (10)
  11. Having food at the tourney is an extra enticement (11)
  12. Having the US Open Golf Tourney on in the background is a requirement (12)
  13. Having the US Open Golf Tourney on in the background is a tolerable distraction (13)
  14. For Pete's Sake, will you stop watching the damn golf and play some cards?!? (14)
  15. A Ping Pong Table for early outs is extra enticement (15)
  16. It's 'Table Tennis' and it's an Olympic Sport Dammit ! Stop calling it 'Ping Pong' as if it were a kids' game! (16)
  17. Karaoke available on demand for early-outs is an extra enticement (17)
  18. Karaoke and its practitioners give me the willies. I would boycott any event where karaoke were publicly available (18)
  19. I have written a lengthy treatise on bird migration or whatever my 'special subject' may be. I am attaching a link to my blog for your reading pleasure (19)
  20. Dammit man, can't you ever write less than 1000 words on a topic??? (20)

Thanks for reading this far,
Frank Nagai Jr.

Below: Original Posting to the Yahoo Group
Hi All,

I've been wondering when to host a tourney at my new digs, and with Mother's Day coming up (!), I had a flash of inspiration.

My favorite Fatha's day gift of the past few years has been to be left alone with the final groups of the US Open Golf Tourney on TV. (That and the last day of the Master's are my personal must-see TV!) I think I'd like to expand that gift as follows.

The new place came with a projection TV, so this would be a Fatha'sDay NLHE tourney with the US Open playing in the background. Anybody who couldn't pay attention to the poker would be mocked mercilessly,of course, but we may allow brief pauses for especially dramatic moments.

So, let the kids take you to brunch, or take your own Dad out, play a round of golf in the AM, and then scoot over to G***** to watch the final nine while enjoying your fave non-ambulatory game. The start time and stakes are currently negotiable, until we get a critical mass.

Non-fathers are also welcome. Please express an interest through e-mail, as opposed to on the message board.