Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Casino Reviews - Niagara Falls & Wheeling

Niagara Fallsview Canada - They have about 8 hold'em tables in the back, with the lowest possible limit is 6/12 canadian. If I did the math right, you'd need to come in with at least a 300 stack in order to not be the shorty. Why bother? There's also one table that is 5/NL for the truly reckless amongst you.

As an experiment, I took $5 USD and bought nickel tokens (I think the machine exchanged at par, because they know you're only going to piss it all away anyhow, right?), and played the tokens into a nickel one-armed bandit. At the end of play, I ended up with $1.75 Canadian in total payouts for my play. A similar experiment in Vegas in 1997 paid back something like $4.65. Why is competition among casinos better for the fish again?

They don't appear to sponsor hold'em tournaments either, but they have one-armed bandit tournaments and blackjack tourneys. Good for them.

Oh - by signing up for their club, I got into a free lottery for a weekend trip back, which is good because the canadian side looked really cool for the little we saw. There was also another free lottery for smokey robinson tickets and lodging, which would be pretty good for free too. I also got a nice bungee cord for my keychain....

Wheeling WV - No card tables at all. One armed bandits only. Long-ass line for the buffet, which I didn't hang out for.

Their frequent sucker club would have gotten me a free hat and a bungee cord, but I couldn't be bothered.