Monday, May 09, 2005

Yahoo Groups Ramble # 1 (lots of in-jokes here)

This blog entry is a time-sensitive ramble aimed at my Yahoo Poker Group, and probably not of interest to anyone else.

1,3 and 4 deleted.

2) My hernia buddy is a linguist, too? Good thing I'm already married, because I love this man! ;-) I loved the lengthy pain killer induced ramble on Frenchie's renaming.

Note to Ice - Day five was sheer agony, as I was tapering off the percocets. I absolutely have no desire to get into a pharmaceutical dependence so I'm grinning and bearing the discomfort. Day five could almost be described as 'Getting kicked in the crotch with great force, repeatedly.' I probably brought it on myself by being too active too soon.

On the plus side, it was good practice at keeping a poker face, because I was on best behavior for a dinner guest despite the writhing agony, and I also didn't want my young kids to be worried about me.