Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Note to Preacher


On-line, I have pretty thick skin, and I acknowledge the yahoo group as a den of name-calling and smart-aleckiness and smart alec guiness-ness of the highest order. We kid because we love, right? .... Right?

Ice and I have a common hobby involving sharp instruments, and though we've only met twice, I consider him a buddy already. He can throw all the stones he likes.

Ice - I've spared you any remarks on the throwback, but I've got a few on reserve! Just push that envelope! Seriously though, 'Bug' isn't nearly as bad as p-wrinkle, and many of my interests are just as arcane as that fellow you describe.

Preacher - Despite taking my damn money all the time, I consider you a buddy and a colleague too. I will extract my revenge, AT THE TABLE.

There's other people I consider good buds already, despite infrequent in-person meetings. Let the verbal daggers fly!


PS: I'll sign my own damn blog any way I want.