Thursday, May 12, 2005

Pain Free for a Moment

Like any other transcendent activity, poker can be a great pain-reliever. For a mere $10, I was pain free for upwards of 3 hours last night. I played crappy pretty much all around, but nothing hurt.

A special hello to N & T. When I was low-stacked, I went all-in, and with A/10 H, and T called with K/9 D. We flipped the cards, and the flop came up A/K/no-paint. I was so excited that I failed to notice the number on the cards, and the rest of the table was enjoying the action as well. When the turn and river failed to produce another K or A, we shook hands, and I proceeded to scoop the pot, having just doubled-up. Good thing it was a friendly game, because that third card on the flop was T's two pair.

I'm such a bonehead....