Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Yahoo Groups Ramble # 3 (New Host & Your Agony Aunt)

New Poker Host Asks, Your Agony Aunt Responds

Ok. Found the Tournment Director program. Now, just need tofigure out small things.

1: Chips. I have poker chips, but they arethe blue, red, white variety. They will work, but have never seen themused at any game I have been to.

YAG: With three colors, you can treat them as {1, 5, 10}, {25, 50, 100} or any combination as you see fit, the smallest to largest I believe is typically White, Red, Blue, buy your mileage may vary. Recommendation - write down the denominations on a 3 x 5 card so your guests have no reason to confuse them.

2: If I need a poker table or if I can use a dining room table temporarly.

YAG: I thought you read the Yahoo Groups FAQ? You either want a clean, slidy surface, such as a butcher block surface, or a clean felt-like surface. you can get a fold out table top cheaply almost anywhere.

Also, if you use paper cards, find some alternate surfaces for players to keep their drinks, or have some fresh decks handy.

3: Advertising. Once I geteverything together, how do I put the information here.

YAG: Go through my blog for one over-the-top method of organizing. Alternatively, announce it with advance notice on the Yahoo Groups message board, and also add it to the Yahoo Groups Calendar. Be strict about your RSVPs, or you may get hosed at the last minute. Also, don't be discouraged if your first few events don't get the head count you need.

Also, you may want to join the Columbus Meetup.com Poker group, and weed through the messages for people who look cool, and send them individual messages. You can also announce your event on meetup, but be aware that Meetup does not screen for assholes.

I got my foot in the door on Meetup.com, so I probably shouldn't be so judgemental, but I went to another person's meetup.com game, where an a**hole (code name: BAS) got into somebody's game. Nobody was hurt, but it was a bummer. Let's hope BAS never finds his way into our hallowed social group.

4: Blinds.What is the best set for blinds? This is just a thing I have neverbeen sure of. I might have this question answered already thanks tothis program thing.

YAG: My distinguished colleague Preacher has a nice blind structure for a 2 hour game for 8 players. Preacher - Would you be kind enough to share this info here with a comment.