Friday, July 08, 2005

Action Tourney July 7, 2005

33 players, including me, mom and bro. Mom went out in the third hand when she called an all-in from pocket jacks on a nothing flop. Her opponent had pocket kings and she failed to catch lucky. Tutored her a lot, but I think I failed to mention getting away from the second best hand when there's a runaway train on the horizon.

I relapsed into all-in fever. I put in three successful all-in bets in the first hour. One with no takers, one where I had the best hand when I went in and I was sucked out (which I'm okay with), and one where I had a draw and a pair and my caller had a smaller pair. On my fourth all-in, somebody with the nut trips was laying in wait for me, so I dug my own grave. Such is poker.

My brother survived as a small stack down to being second to last to go before two tables were consolidated down to one final table.

While waiting for him to finish, Mom and I hit the cash table. We both left in the black. Mom got 2.5 times buy in, and I finished with 3 times buy in, so I imagine the other players were sad to see us leave the table with their money, but nobody carped about it too loudly, and other people were itching to fill our seats with fresh money.

It was a crowd pleaser to see Mom take a huge cash pot by accepting an all-in wager with no trepidation. Much joyful shouting went along with that. Mom now has two victims who clearly underestimated her. Who's next?

Good tourney, good players. I'll be back as I can.