Thursday, July 14, 2005

A lesson cheaply learned

Darn near every book I read said the same thing, but maybe I wasn't listening:

"Find your comfort level. Don't play beyond your gulp limit."

I was happy with my performance at the 4/8 tables, so last night I tried two hours at the 6/12 table. I was clearly outside of my comfort zone, moving my style from tight-agressive to tight-weak. When I had the best hand I was not maximizing profits, and I allowed myself to be pushed out of hands several times where I would not have been pushed out at lower limits.

I was down four betting units in two hours of play, although I was actually down 25 units for a while. At the lower limit tables, I finished up 15 units on the first night, and up 4 units on the night I wasn't catching cards.