Sunday, July 03, 2005

Family Tourney July 2, 2005

A family tourney can be most frustrating, because half the players are calling stations, and that means that unless you've got a monster, you'll be sucked out half the time by all the callers. The options are to play super, super tight, or see every flop like everybody else. I try to play my regular tournament style, and I'm consistently an early outer. At least the stakes are low.

My 18 year-old nephew thinks he's hot stuff at the table, and in this context I haven't been able to show him otherwise, even though I can see that he plays far too many bluffs and any tight player would eat him alive. At least he hasn't gotten it into his head to take this up as a profession.

And my sis-in-law will probably mock me eternally for losing two tourneys last night, despite knowing all the lingo and walking everybody through the betting sequences and that sort of thing. She lives in another state, so I won't have to hear it too much. I'll have to take solace by doing well in the tournaments and cash games with players who take it a little more seriously.