Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Speert's Poker Club Atlanta July 26, 2005

This place gets the FNJ thumbs up. It's a little tough to find, but worth it.

Mr. Speert was in the building, but he was playing on-line and said hello as we went for a smoke. We didn't have the honor at the table.

Played two hours of cash no limit, with a rake, and came out in the black. There was one fascinating hand I was in, and this time I was actually the victor.

I'm allowed to limp in BB with KJos, 3 in the hand. One of the two players is in every single hand, and had been on a very impressive rush, but only after re-loading twice and showing all the symptoms of tilt, tilt, tilt.

Flop 3,5,T rainbow. Checks around.
Turn Q. SB checks, I bet 5, Tilty raises me to 15, I call, and I give an obvious verbal tell that I'm on a draw.
River: A.

I bet 20, and tilty puts me all in, which I obviously expect.

But he wasn't tilting at all. The Ace gave him a wheel. He stated after the hand that he didn't even see the high straight on the board.

FNJ 1, Tilty 0.
(Tilty had cleaned out at least 3 players before he faced off with me. His stack was huge.)