Saturday, July 30, 2005

Preach's July 30, 2005

There were at least 5 new faces at Preach's and all of them seemed like pretty good players. One of them in particular was obviously accustomed to playing at much higher stakes, and was playing with a very admirable emotional detachment to his chips. He would take and frequently offer all-in bets if he liked his starters at all, and he walked away with 7 bounties and first prize in a field of 13 players.

My highest lifetime hand was last night, a 7-high heart straight flush. I only knew that I had won the pot because my last standing opponent had no pair, and it was pointed out to me by others. Straight Flush blindness, I guess.

There was also an all-in battle suckout I'm particularly proud of.

Me: JdJh
Not Me: AsJs

I'm the 65.5% fave going in.

Ah, xc, xh

I'm now the 8.8% dog.


Now I'm the 22.7% dog


And I get four suited hearts on the board for my jack of hearts. I'm getting so much better at sucking out! Tee hee!

Also had a nice run at the cash table. I whittle down my stack to about 35% of a buy-in, and I leave the table with 7 times buy-in!